Evicting Travellers

When it comes to traveller eviction, there are processes that should be followed. The truth is that if you have unwanted guests on your property, then getting rid of them might be easy or it might be extremely difficult. It all depends on who they are. With that said, here are the basics of evicting them.

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Give Them A Notice

The first thing you should do is serve some sort of notice to the travellers. Give them a written notice or a verbal notice. If you choose to tell them directly to leave, make sure you use a camera to film everything. This can serve as evidence that you told them they need to leave and evidence that you do not want them to remain on your property.

Also, make sure you put down the date you want them to leave by. If they do not leave by the date, then you might need to take additional action. However, the entire process of evicting unwanted guests starts with a notice.

Civil Procedures

There are civil procedures you can take to remove people from your property, but this does involve going to court. You'll have to obtain a notice from the court that handles cases in your county, but this does mean you will likely have to pay an attorney to handle everything on your behalf. You might also be required to pay legal costs.

If you decide to go this route, then eventually the court will allow one of their bailiffs to go to your property to tell the guests to leave. If a bailiff doesn't go, then it will be a High Court Enforcement Officer. If need be, they may physically remove the travellers or contact police.

Contact The Police

If you are in fear of your life or if there are several travellers on your property and you don't want to confront them, then consider contacting the police. They may or may not come to your property. If they do, then they will tell the travellers to leave or they will explain to you what your options are. Sometimes calling the authorities is the first thing you should do, but you can also contact your local council, who will tell you what you should do.

Use Professional Services

There are professional services you can use, and they will handle everything from getting an enforcement agent to deliver a notice to the unwanted guests. They will also determine the size and the nature of the travellers' encampment and if necessary, they will use equipment and security, dogs and so forth to assist in the eviction process. Prior to the day of the eviction, the local police department will be contacted and informed of the eviction.

If you're still not sure how to go about evicting trespassers from your property, then consider consulting with a solicitor. There are attorneys that specialise in eviction laws and they can provide you with advice on how to get rid of guests on your property.